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2 Installation

Note: We recommend the use of this shell installer script to install Guix on top of a running GNU/Linux system, thereafter called a foreign distro.4 The script automates the download, installation, and initial configuration of Guix. It should be run as the root user.

When installed on a foreign distro, GNU Guix complements the available tools without interference. Its data lives exclusively in two directories, usually /gnu/store and /var/guix; other files on your system, such as /etc, are left untouched.

Once installed, Guix can be updated by running guix pull (see Invoking guix pull).

If you prefer to perform the installation steps manually or want to tweak them, you may find the following subsections useful. They describe the software requirements of Guix, as well as how to install it manually and get ready to use it.



This section is concerned with the installation of the package manager, which can be done on top of a running GNU/Linux system. If, instead, you want to install the complete GNU operating system, see System Installation.