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6.8 Пакетные модули в поддиректории

Как автор канала, вы можете хранить модули канала в подкаталоге. Если ваши модули находятся в подкаталоге guix, вы должны добавить файл метаданных .guix-channel, который содержит:

  (version 0)
  (directory "guix"))

The modules must be underneath the specified directory, as the directory changes Guile’s load-path. For example, if .guix-channel has (directory "base"), then a module defined as (define-module (gnu packages fun)) must be located at base/gnu/packages/fun.scm.

Doing this allows for only parts of a repository to be used as a channel, as Guix expects valid Guile modules when pulling. For instance, guix deploy machine configuration files are not valid Guile modules, and treating them as such would make guix pull fail.