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6.8 Módulos de paquetes en un subdirectorio

Como autora de un canal, es posible que desee mantener los módulos de su canal en un subdirectorio. Si sus módulos se encuentran en el subdirectorio guix, debe añadir un archivo .guix-channel de metadatos que contenga:

  (version 0)
  (directory "guix"))

The modules must be underneath the specified directory, as the directory changes Guile’s load-path. For example, if .guix-channel has (directory "base"), then a module defined as (define-module (gnu packages fun)) must be located at base/gnu/packages/fun.scm.

Doing this allows for only parts of a repository to be used as a channel, as Guix expects valid Guile modules when pulling. For instance, guix deploy machine configuration files are not valid Guile modules, and treating them as such would make guix pull fail.