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20.6.1 Configuring Git

If you have not done so already, you may wish to set a name and email that will be associated with your commits (see Telling Git your name in Git User Manual). If you wish to use a different name or email just for commits in this repository, you can use git config --local, or edit .git/config in the repository instead of ~/.gitconfig.

We provide some default settings in etc/git/gitconfig which modify how patches are generated, making them easier to read and apply. These settings can be applied by manually copying them to .git/config in your checkout, or by telling Git to include the whole file:

git config --local include.path ../etc/git/gitconfig

From then on, any changes to etc/git/gitconfig would automatically take effect.

Since the first patch in a series must be sent separately (see Sending a Patch Series), it can also be helpful to tell git format-patch to handle the e-mail threading instead of git send-email:

git config --local format.thread shallow
git config --local sendemail.thread no

Sending a Patch Series

When sending a patch series (e.g., using git send-email), please first send one message to guix-patches@gnu.org, and then send subsequent patches to NNN@debbugs.gnu.org to make sure they are kept together. See the Debbugs documentation for more information. You can install git send-email with guix install git:send-email.