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5.1.5 Reproducible profiles

To reproduce a profile bit-for-bit, we need two pieces of information:

Indeed, manifests alone might not be enough: different Guix versions (or different channels) can produce different outputs for a given manifest.

You can output the Guix channel specification with ‘guix describe --format=channels’. Save this to a file, say ‘channel-specs.scm’.

On another computer, you can use the channel specification file and the manifest to reproduce the exact same profile:


mkdir -p "$GUIX_EXTRA"/my-project
guix pull --channels=channel-specs.scm --profile="$GUIX_EXTRA/my-project/guix"

mkdir -p "$GUIX_EXTRA_PROFILES/my-project"
"$GUIX_EXTRA"/my-project/guix/bin/guix package --manifest=/path/to/guix-my-project-manifest.scm --profile="$GUIX_EXTRA_PROFILES"/my-project/my-project

It’s safe to delete the Guix channel profile you’ve just installed with the channel specification, the project profile does not depend on it.