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2.1.7 Conclusion

This tutorial was a showcase of the sophisticated package management that Guix boasts. At this point we have mostly restricted this introduction to the gnu-build-system which is a core abstraction layer on which more advanced abstractions are based.

Where do we go from here? Next we ought to dissect the innards of the build system by removing all abstractions, using the trivial-build-system: this should give us a thorough understanding of the process before investigating some more advanced packaging techniques and edge cases.

Other features worth exploring are the interactive editing and debugging capabilities of Guix provided by the Guile REPL.

Those fancy features are completely optional and can wait; now is a good time to take a well-deserved break. With what we’ve introduced here you should be well armed to package lots of programs. You can get started right away and hopefully we will see your contributions soon!