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3.6.2 继续安装步骤

With the target partitions ready and the target root mounted on /mnt, we’re ready to go. First, run:

herd start cow-store /mnt

这使得/gnu/store写入时复制,这使得在下载阶段添加的包会被写入到/mnt挂载的硬盘上,而非将其保存在内存里。这是必要的,因为guix system init命令(见下)的第一阶段要求下载和编译在/gnu/store进行,而这个文件系统初始是在内存里。

Next, you have to edit a file and provide the declaration of the operating system to be installed. To that end, the installation system comes with three text editors. We recommend GNU nano (see GNU nano Manual), which supports syntax highlighting and parentheses matching; other editors include mg (an Emacs clone), and nvi (a clone of the original BSD vi editor). We strongly recommend storing that file on the target root file system, say, as /mnt/etc/config.scm. Failing to do that, you will have lost your configuration file once you have rebooted into the newly-installed system.

See 使用配置系统,即为配置文件的概述。该小节讨论的示例配置可以在安装映像的/etc/configuration下找到。因此,若要开始使用为显示图形的服务器(一个“桌面的”系统)提供的系统配置,您可以运行参考以下内容的命令:

# mkdir /mnt/etc
# cp /etc/configuration/desktop.scm /mnt/etc/config.scm
# nano /mnt/etc/config.scm

You should pay attention to what your configuration file contains, and in particular:

Once you are done preparing the configuration file, the new system must be initialized (remember that the target root file system is mounted under /mnt):

guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt

This copies all the necessary files and installs GRUB on /dev/sdX, unless you pass the --no-bootloader option. For more information, see Invoking guix system. This command may trigger downloads or builds of missing packages, which can take some time.

Once that command has completed—and hopefully succeeded!—you can run reboot and boot into the new system. The root password in the new system is initially empty; other users’ passwords need to be initialized by running the passwd command as root, unless your configuration specifies otherwise (see user account passwords). See 系统安装之后, for what’s next!

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