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2 安装

You can install the package management tool Guix on top of an existing GNU/Linux or GNU/Hurd system4, referred to as a foreign distro. If, instead, you want to install the complete, standalone GNU system distribution, Guix System, see 系统安装. This section is concerned only with the installation of Guix on a foreign distro.

Important: This section only applies to systems without Guix. Following it for existing Guix installations will overwrite important system files.

在foreign distro上安装时,GNU Guix可以在不引起冲突的前提下补充现有的工具。它的数据只存放在两个文件夹里,通常是/gnu/store/var/guix;系统上的其它文件,如/etc,不会被修改。

一旦安装好了,可以通过运行guix pull升级Guix(see Invoking guix pull)。



Hurd support is currently limited.