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4 Parameters

Cuirass is able to connect to different external services such as postgresql for the database, zabbix for machine monitoring and mastodon for build notifications. As those services often require using secret credentials, Cuirass can be passed a parameter file.

The parameters file can be passed using the parameters command line argument, see Invocation.

Here’s an example parameter file:

(%cuirass-url "")
(%zabbix-url "")
(%mastodon-instance-name "My Instance")
(%mastodon-instance-url "")
(%mastodon-instance-token "secret-token")
Parameters: parameters
%cuirass-database (default: "cuirass")

The Cuirass PostgreSQL database name.

%cuirass-host (default: "/var/run/postgresql")

The Cuirass PostgreSQL database host.

%cuirass-url (default: #f)

The URL of the Cuirass web server. This is useful to send absolute links within notifications.

%zabbix-url (default: #f)

The URL of the Zabbix monitoring server providing the workers status, if supported.

%zabbix-user (default: "Admin")

The user for Zabbix API authentication.

%zabbix-password (default: "zabbix")

The password for Zabbix API authentication.

%mastodon-instance-name (default: #f)

The name of the Mastodon instance used to send build notifications.

%mastodon-instance-url (default: #f)

The URL of the Mastodon instance.

%mastodon-instance-token (default: #f)

The token used to authenticate on the Mastodon instance.