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Cuirass is a general-purpose build automation server that checks out source files from VCS (Version Control System) repositories, executes build jobs, and stores build results in a database. It provides a web interface to monitor the build results, as well as an HTTP API. Cuirass is also able to send build notifications using different mechanisms such as RSS and email.

Cuirass is inspired by the Hydra continuous build system. Unlike Hydra, it is built on top of the GNU Guix functional package manager.

The goal of Cuirass is to prevent software regressions by building a set of package definitions, system images and running periodical tests for various architectures. Cuirass is also responsible for GNU Guix binary substitutes production (see Substitutes in Guix).

Cuirass is deployed on the GNU Guix build farm at It is also common for Guix users to run their own Cuirass instance to build different sources, using different priorities (see Continuous Integration in Guix).