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3.6 Connecting to Wireguard VPN

To connect to a Wireguard VPN server you need the kernel module to be loaded in memory and a package providing networking tools that support it (e.g. wireguard-tools or network-manager).

Here is a configuration example for Linux-Libre < 5.6, where the module is out of tree and need to be loaded manually—following revisions of the kernel have it built-in and so don’t need such configuration:

(use-modules (gnu))
(use-service-modules desktop)
(use-package-modules vpn)

  ;; …
  (services (cons (simple-service 'wireguard-module
  (packages (cons wireguard-tools %base-packages))
  (kernel-loadable-modules (list wireguard-linux-compat)))

After reconfiguring and restarting your system you can either use Wireguard tools or NetworkManager to connect to a VPN server.

3.6.1 Using Wireguard tools

To test your Wireguard setup it is convenient to use wg-quick. Just give it a configuration file wg-quick up ./wg0.conf; or put that file in /etc/wireguard and run wg-quick up wg0 instead.

Note: Be warned that the author described this command as a: “[…] very quick and dirty bash script […]”.

3.6.2 Using NetworkManager

Thanks to NetworkManager support for Wireguard we can connect to our VPN using nmcli command. Up to this point this guide assumes that you’re using Network Manager service provided by %desktop-services. Ortherwise you need to adjust your services list to load network-manager-service-type and reconfigure your Guix system.

To import your VPN configuration execute nmcli import command:

# nmcli connection import type wireguard file wg0.conf
Connection 'wg0' (edbee261-aa5a-42db-b032-6c7757c60fde) successfully added

This will create a configuration file in /etc/NetworkManager/wg0.nmconnection. Next connect to the Wireguard server:

$ nmcli connection up wg0
Connection successfully activated (D-Bus active path: /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/6)

By default NetworkManager will connect automatically on system boot. To change that behaviour you need to edit your config:

# nmcli connection modify wg0 connection.autoconnect no

For more specific information about NetworkManager and wireguard see this post by thaller.

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