emacs-helm-ls-git 1.9.1-1.76654c7 Helm interface for listing the files in a Git repository

This package provides a Helm interface for Git files.

  • Display the open buffers in project.

  • Display a status source showing state of project (modified files etc.).

  • Display a list of all files in project under git control.

  • Quickly look at diffs of modified files.

  • Allow switching to git status with your preferred frontend (vc-dir, Magit,etc.).

  • Full integration of git-grep, also allow usage of helm-grep (you can use ack-grep instead of grep).

  • Integrate usage of gid from id-utils.

  • Full integration with helm-find-files, allow you to browse projects unrelated to current-buffer.

  • In addition, all actions of type files and buffers are provided.