go-github-com-minio-sha256-simd 0.1.1 Accelerate SHA256 computations in pure Go

Accelerate SHA256 computations in pure Go using AVX512 and AVX2 for Intel and ARM64 for ARM. On AVX512 it provides an up to 8x improvement (over 3 GB/s per core) in comparison to AVX2.

This package is designed as a replacement for crypto/sha256. For Intel CPUs it has two flavors for AVX512 and AVX2 (AVX/SSE are also supported). For ARM CPUs with the Cryptography Extensions, advantage is taken of the SHA2 instructions resulting in a massive performance improvement.

This package uses Golang assembly. The AVX512 version is based on the Intel's "multi-buffer crypto library for IPSec" whereas the other Intel implementations are described in "Fast SHA-256 Implementations on Intel Architecture Processors" by J. Guilford et al.