ghc-hsyaml Pure Haskell YAML 1.2 parser

This library provides a YAML 1.2 parser implementation for Haskell. Its features include:

  • Pure Haskell implementation with small dependency footprint and emphasis on strict compliance with the YAML 1.2 specification.

  • Direct decoding to native Haskell types via (aeson-inspired) typeclass-based API (see Data.YAML).

  • Support for constructing custom YAML node graph representation (including support for cyclic YAML data structures).

  • Support for the standard (untyped) Failsafe, (strict) JSON, and (flexible) Core ``schemas'' providing implicit typing rules as defined in the YAML 1.2 specification (including support for user-defined custom schemas).

  • Event-based API resembling LibYAML's Event-based API (see Data.YAML.Event).

  • Low-level API access to lexical token-based scanner (see Data.YAML.Token).