emacs-sly 1.0.43-4.fb84318 Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE

SLY is Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE. SLY is a fork of SLIME, and contains the following improvements over it:

  1. A full-featured REPL based on Emacs's comint.el. Everything can be copied to the REPL;

  2. Stickers, or live code annotations that record values as code traverses them.

  3. Flex-style completion out-of-the-box, using Emacs's completion API. Company, Helm, and other supported natively, no plugin required;

  4. An interactive Trace Dialog;

  5. Multiple inspectors and multiple REPLs, with independent history.

  6. Regexp-capable M-x sly-apropos.

  7. Cleanly ASDF-loaded by default, including contribs, enabled out-of-the-box;

  8. "Presentations" replaced by interactive backreferences, which highlight the object and remain stable throughout the REPL session;

SLY tracks SLIME's bugfixes and all its familiar features (debugger, inspector, xref, etc.) are still available, but with better integration.